Room decoration games for kids. John deere bathroom decor.

Room Decoration Games For Kids

room decoration games for kids

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    for kids
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Festa di Natale 2007

Festa di Natale 2007

E' stato un gran successo. We had a great time!!!

We wanted to thank everyone who attended and brought such yummy sweets and savories to share. It was a fantastic turnout (130+ people) and the kids had a terrific time. For those of you who could not be there, we are sorry you missed such a great time! In any case, keep up your support for Ponteponente and we hope to see all of you soon at our events in the new year!
Just as important - since our thank you speech at Callanwolde was a bit overshadowed by the laughs and giggles of our children - Ghila and I want to officially thank a number of people who’s time and energy really made this event a success. Without them, none of it would have been possible.
First and foremost I want to thank two important people: LISA GABRIELSON for designing, coordinating and putting up all the gorgeous decorations of the room and for purchasing all the fun paper goods for the buffet and bar. AND, ELIZABETH RUZZENE for organizing and implementing all the fun craft activities and games, including the hilarious “Decorate the Fathers as Christmas Trees” game! Both the decorations and the crafts were very time consuming jobs (and especially hard on a tight budget), but obviously well worth the effort. The room was just lovely, full of Christmas cheer, and the activities and games delighted all of our children. GRAZIE GRAZIE GRAZIE!!!
Secondly, I want to thank ELISA GAMBINO ( for not only donating her divine pasta to our party, but actually coming and cooking her ravioli in Callanwolde’s kitchen for all of us! Giving her a hand in the kitchen was MASSIMO GALLINONI ( who also prepared those to-die-for semi-freddo cups and amazing biscotti. Their contribution was not only helpful, but also transported us back to Italy for a moment…..GRAZIE!
Thirdly, we want to thank our other volunteers whose work before, during and after the party were fundamental for such an event: IVO FERREIRA for all his hard work setting up (and taking down) the AV system and hanging the Christmas lights early Sunday morning in the freezing cold - what would we have done with out you!; STEFANIE ROEDENBECK who braved the cold on Sunday morning with her 4 month old baby to come help us set up the room; AMELIA SCHAFFNER for taking the time to take lots of great photos (more to come) and making them all available to us; ELISA RIEDO and RAFFAELLA CARLOMUSTO who were willing to miss half the party to do check in and membership; SANDRA CAMPANELLA, DENISE BANDINI, and FEDERICA COMAI who were also willing to miss half the party (and the ravioli!) so they could help the kids with the craft activities; KATIE MILDENHALL who also helped with the crafts and made the fantastic Natale crossword puzzles for the older kids and also for her overall enthusiasm for Ponteponente which we all adore!; MARILYN RICH-TONIOLO who graciously agreed to do the face painting at the last minute which was a great success; ANDREA and PATRIZIA MATTESCO who, as always at ALL of our events, came early and stayed late and helped with anything and everything to do with the party; and of course, to PIERLUCA MAFFEY who thankfully agreed to be La Befana which was not an easy role to fill.
Speaking of roles to fill, we cannot forget LORENZO BANDINI for being the perfect BABBO NATALE!!!!! GRAZIE MILLE!!!
We will not go over the whole list of sponsors and donors as we have done that already, but we do want to acknowledge the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center who gave us lots of leeway and assistance in planning this party. RAY TANKERSLEY, the General Manager of Callanwolde, really bent over backwards to accommodate us. Thank you.
And finally we want to thank NICOLA VIDALI for starting this initiative and remaining so supportive and enthusiastic despite his being in Italy for the year. GRAZIE NICOLA! We hope to have you back soon…
If we have forgotten someone, please forgive us and let us know! We do not want to miss anyone!
Take care and all the best for the holidays and the coming new year.
Sandra and Ghila

011609 (5)

011609 (5)

Our house decorated for Matthew's 10th birthday party. I blew up 150 balloons for the event. It took me almost three hours without a pump. I had hoped to fill the living room, but the living room is a lot bigger than I thought! I had already increased the count from 50 to 150. I had no breath left to do more. Some of the balloons had instructions inside them telling the kids what to do during a game (ie. play air guitar, sing a favorite song, etc.). The kids loved popping all these.

room decoration games for kids

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